Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"To Be a Slave"

This poem,“To Be A Slave,” was the winner of Ollie Burn Branch's writing contest held in February 2011. The contest was in honor of Black History Month, and the teens were asked to write a poem or essay from the perspective of a slave.

"To Be a Slave"
By: Marchandrea Seals
Richwood High School, 11th grade

The sun had finaly set
Nite had fallin
Mosquitos start bittin
Fish was fryin
The air was misty
We were all sticky
Smilin nd laughin
At the family gatherin
Master bust n
Wit a look full of sin
Took me away
I neva saw my family agin
Ma hollarin
Sis cryin
Everythin was blur, cause I was cryin
Thrown unto a wagin
Horses started steppin
I turned around
Saw a new home

lm a house servant
Washin, cleanin, babesittin, cookin
Master started lookin at me
Masters wife noticed
Ended up whippin me
Nd strickin me
All I can do is hollar
No one to help me
Two years passed
I hav two kids
Both looks white
See wat mastered did
I wants a betta life
I taught myself to reads nd write
Started saving up my change
To buy me freedom
And when I do that
lll get a job
lll be an aboliontist speaker
Get my kids to college
All these are not hopes
These are real dreams
That is bound to happen
So noone eva have to be a slave agin

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  1. this is a very good poem, she really did a good job writing this poetry.