Friday, June 17, 2011

If I could...

If I could be anyone from teen fiction, I would be...
Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice because the book tells about how a poor woman can triumph over all odds. ~ Savannah, 12

I would be Albus Dumbledore. He's crazy. ~ Will, 12

The Green Lantern. ~ Lawren, 13

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter because she is crazy and cool. ~ Haley, 17

Batman...because he's batty. ~ Kyera, 12

One of the main girls from the Gallagher Girls because they are spies. ~ Marie, 14

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because she is so smart, and when times get tough for everyone, they look to her to solve problems. She always turns to books for the answers!  And she always did her homework! :) ~ Joy, YA Librarian @ OV

If I could date anyone from teen fiction, I would like to date...
I would date Scathach the Warrior from The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel series. ~ Will, 12

Adrian from Beastly because he is sweet, kind, and smart. ~ Haley, 17

From The Mortal Instruments series: Alec, he's gay, but attractive, or Jace, he's a demon killer. ~ Kyera, 12

Ron Weasley beause he is funny. ~ Lawren, 13

They are either mean, jerks, or stalker, so I would not date any of them. ~ Marie, 14

Dmitri from the Vampire Academy series because he might be old enough for me. :) He's hot, can kick butt, & put up with a stubborn woman. ~ Joy, YA Librarian @ OV

If I could trade places with anyone from teen fiction, it would be...
Harry Potter because he's magical. ~Lawren, 13 *(July 8th I will be 14!!)

I would be Eragon cause he can fly dragons. ~ Will, 12

Annabeth from Percy Jackson & the Olympians because she is smart, and she's a great fighter. ~ Haley, 17

Artemis Fowl. ~ Kyera, 12

Liz or Cam from Gallagher Girls because they are spies. ~ Marie, 14

Saphira from Eragon, because I thing it would be coll to be a dragon for a while but after a couple of months I would want to be myself again. ~ Savannah, 12

Tris from Divergent by Veronica Roth for her courage to choose the unknown path. ~ Joy, YA Librarian @ OV

If I could live anywhere in teen fiction, I would live...
I would want to live in Hogsmead because it's an all magical town in Harry Potter! ~ Haley, 17

I would live in the Placar Valley from Eragon because it seems like a fun and simple place to live. ~ Savannah, 12

I would live at Hogwarts casue it's magical. ~ Will, 12

I would live at West Ouachita because the couch is more secluded. ~ Marie, 14

Glass City, it's pretty, or Idris. ~ Kyera, 12

I would live in the S's because I like Darren Shan's books. (You didn't say which book, so I can go from book to book!!) ~ Lawren, 13

Either in the world of X-Men, with a cool mutant power like like throwing fire from my hands or flying, or the world of Starcorssed by Josephine Angelini where history and mythology meet over and over again. ~ Joy, YA Librarian @ OV

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