Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If I Stay Review

Title: If I Stay
Author: Gayle Forman
Publication Date: January 1, 2009 by Dutton Juvenile
In a single moment, everything changes. Seventeen year- old Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall riding along the snow-wet Oregon road with her family.

Then, in a blink, she finds herself watching as her own damaged body is taken from the wreck...

A sophisticated, layered, and heartachingly beautiful story about the power of family and friends, the choices we all make -and the ultimate choice Mia commands.
After a four-ton truck going 60 mph plows into their car, Mia's parents and brother are dead. She is in what her social worker calls "grave condition." She now had a choice that will decide he fate. Stay alive...or let go of life and go with her family.

Paperback Cover
After everything that has happened...everyone has something to say to her.  Some telling her it's okay to let go...others begging her to stay.  Making her decision even harder.

In the end, does she stay? Or does she go into the light?  You will have to find out for yourself...

I am not easily overwhelmed by emotions, but this book is a major tear-jearker.  My favorite book this year.

*reviewed by Tobie, 12 @ OV

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