Sunday, March 10, 2013

YA Programs This Week!

Mar. 11-16, All Week All Day Searcy - Vote on your favorite movies, songs, TV shows, and video games. Ballots will be counted at the end of the week and the favorites announced. A raffle will be held with prizes.

Mar. 11, Mon. @ 5 pm Sterlington - Tweens: We will do a variety of crafts and projects each month just for you!

Mar. 11, Mon. @ 5:30 pm West Ouachita - Teen Tech Week - Scavenger Hunt. Compete to be the first to complete the QR Code Scavenger Hunt.The winner will get a goodie bag of epic awesomness! Please bring a smartphone and download the free app QR Code Scanner.

Mar. 12, Tues. @ 3:30 pm Searcy - Learn about website where you can get one-on-one FREE tutoring. Afterwards play Scrabble - the original Words with Friends game!

Mar. 12, Tues. @ 4:30 pm Anna Meyer - Wii Game Night

Mar. 13, Wed. @ 3:30 pm Sterlington - Midweek Mayhem: Weekly movie with light refreshments.

Mar. 13, Wed. @ 3:30 pm West Monroe - JP&G for YA readers' theater; games snacks, writing & books.

Mar. 14, Thurs. @ 3:30 pm Carver-McDonald - Teen Tech Week: Let's get up close with the OPPL website and see what's offered for teens. Refreshments served.

Mar. 14, Thurs. @ 3:30 pm Sterlington - Thursdays in the Panthers' Den: A variety of crafts and activities to make and take - in the YA area.

Mar. 14, Thurs. @ 4:30 pm Anna Meyer Teen Tech Week - Learn how to create podcasts.

Mar. 16, Sat. @ 8 am Main - Spring ACT Practice Test. You MUST be pre-registered to take this test. Call 327-1490 ex.3024 for details.

Mar. 16, Sat. @ 10 am West Monroe - JP&G For YA Lazy Sat. and games, light lunch, talk and view My Brother Totoro.

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