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Ya Showcase: Writer Probz

 YA Showcase
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Writer Probz by: Abby B.

Writer: a writer with an awful case of writer's block. Deadline is getting closer and closer but he or she has no idea how to end the book he or she is working on. The stress they're under has finally gone to their head, or at least that's what they believe.

Cassandra: character of current book that WRITER is working on. Headstrong girl who just wants to get back to the world she knows. She is from a fantasy novel about her and her brother are great warriors fighting to defeat the evil warlord that seems to hold the world in the palm of his hand. Kinda royal and regal like.

Alex: another character in the current book of the WRITER.  He's not as headstrong as his sister but he can be a little stubborn. He's a bit more comforting and understanding then his sister, but he's also a very get right down to the point kind of person. But don’t tick him off, just because he’s understanding and comforting, that doesn’t mean he’s got a nice temper. (see CASSANDRA for story he comes from)

~ Writer sits on chair with stool in front of him or her. Looks distraught. "Types" something on laptop, shakes head then backspaces, thinks for a minute, then repeats. Gets up and start speaking.


WRITER: Okay, okay, gotta finish. Right okay, here we go. Uhm, maybe the villain has Cassandra and he pushes her into... into.... something. Causing Alex to... no that won't work. Okay, change of plans maybe Cassandra breaks free of the magical bonds holding her.... (sighs) can't do that either. (paces around a little bit.) Four days, gotta finish in four days. You can do this. I mean you've done it before. GREAT! Now you're talking to yourself. Next you'll be seeing things. (turns around to see Cassandra who has entered from the right, freaked out by stranger in home) Who are you?

CASSANDRA: You don't know who I am?

WRITER: No, I don't. But take anything you like I don't want any trouble. You, you can take the TV and the laptop (looks at laptop) Actually, you can't take the laptop, I kinda need that, but you can take anything else you want. (says this kinda rushed but still understandable to the audience)

CASSANDRA: I don't want your stuff. I just want to get away from where ever here is and back to MY world. My brother was fighting the warlord last time I saw him; he could be dead because I'm here.

(Alex enters from left, causing the WRITER to spin around upon hearing his voice.)

ALEX: Right here sis, where ever here is.

(CASSANDRA nods in agreement)

WRITER: But, but... WHAT? (realizes something) You know, you two look a lot like the characters from my book, Cassandra and Alex.

(ALEX and CASSANDRA give him a weird look)

CASSANDRA: That's our names. I'm Cassandra and that's my brother Alex.

WRITER: GREAT! Not only am I talking to myself, but now I'm seeing characters from a fictional book that I'm writing and that's not even finished yet. Maybe I fell asleep while working again. (pinches self, turns to see that it didn’t work, Alex and Cassandra are still there.)I have officially lost it.

ALEX: What do you mean characters from a fictional book that you're "writing?" We're pretty real; I mean look at us. Flesh and bone just like you.

WRITER: (WRITER goes up and pokes one of them) Wow, okay, this is weird. (looks at both of them) So, you really are Cassandra and Alex from my book?


WRITER: Great, then you can help me figure out how the story ends! (says to self) I can't believe I'm encouraging myself to talk to figments of my imagination.

ALEX: Wait, our stories ending?

WRITER: Well, yah. It's been a great story to write, but I mean, it was going to have to come to an end eventually.

ALEX: But, you don't know how you're going to end it. I mean there’s so much we haven’t done yet, that we were gonna, well you made us want to do! There are still so much stuff out there for Cassandra and Alex to do. (pauses for a minutes and realizes something) Wait a second, do you mean to tell me that you've been controlling our lives sense day one?

WRITER: Maybe.

CASSANDRA: Alex, its fine. Let's just help her finish this "book" so we can get back to our lives. What do you have in mind?

WRITER: That's the whole problem; I don't know how to end it. I mean, I guess don't want to end it. Writing stories about you two and sword fights and what seemed like an endless battle was, well is, my life. To write an ending just seems wrong.

ALEX: Then why write an ending? Why not write more "books" about us?

WRITER: Because I want to write other things, not just your story. And I don't want to end it wrong.

CASSANDRA: I don't mean to break up this whole emotional pour your heart thingy we’re doing here… but according to what I heard earlier, you don't have time for this.

WRITER: Right, okay, um, an ending.

 CASSANDRA: I think it should end with both me and Alex victorious.

ALEX: But that's how all heroic stories end! How about something a little original...

WRITER: What about... (Gets interrupted by Cassandra)

 CASSANDRA: Original? Like what? One of us dies causing the other to become angry enough to kill the villain?

WRITER: Actually that been done quite a... (interrupted by Alex)

ALEX: No. CASSANDRA: Well, what did you have in mind then?

WRITER: Will you two stop... (interrupted by Alex again)

ALEX: I don't know, but when I think of it it's going to be way better then what you just said.

CASSANDRA: Stop acting like a little spoiled brat (ALEX and CASSANDRA lightly adlib arguing)

WRITER: (quietly) This is my story. (slightly louder) This is my story. HEY! (ALEX and CASSANDRA look at him or her) This is my book and I think I've figured out how I'm going to end it so if you don't mind, shhh! (both open their mouths to say something) No, shhh! (begins typing furiously on computer, ALEX and CASSANDRA exit)

WRITER: Finished! Do you guys wanna know how... (looks around) And they're gone. (turns to the chair they had been previously sitting in) Take a note, I need to get out more. I think I might be losing my faculties. (says as if saying to secretary, walks for a second, pauses, looks back to see the empty chair) That’s it… I spend too much time in here, it’s time to go out and see the world. (exits)

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