Tuesday, October 15, 2013

YA Showcase

Instead of our normal Tuesday Book Review, this week we are going to have our first YA Showcase. It can be a poem, short story, or anything that our of OPPL's teens create on their own.  If you want one of your own creations on the Library Blog, just email me at woya@oplib.org.

Our first YA Showcase is a poem writing by Mallory Kaul, a 13 year old patron of the West Monroe Library.


Surround me with books, love,

And ready me for life.

It’ll break all the tension you could cut with a knife.

Read me a book, friend,

To pass these hours,

One about family, and love, and flowers.

Write me a book, dear,

So that I may learn,

And hate or joy I shall discern.

Lend me a book, angel,

And my mind you’ll feed.

For knowledge and words are all that I need

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