Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Top Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Bringing Me

Top Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Bringing Me

Dear Santa,
          I have been a very good reader this year.  I surpassed my 2013 reading goal in October and have continued to read.  I have purchased books online and at local and chain bookstores.  I have borrowed from friends, the library, and through interlibrary loan.  I have even expanded my reading horizons, by reading three graphic novels and other not YA books.  So please consider bringing me some of the books on this list.

1.    Percy Jackson Series—I have The Lightning Thief and also The Battle of the Labyrinth, but I would love the rest of them including the Heroes of Olympus Series.  Also, my copy of BotL is paperback. If you, dear Santa, brought me the complete set in hardback I would give my paperback to a friend or to the library.

2.    Altruistic Armadillos, Zenlike Zebras—I love books about animals and their relationship with each other and with humans.  I love the title and cover of this one it seems like a good read.

3.    The Guardians series by William Joyce—This series is so beautiful illustrated and the stories are so creative.  Also, I like to support North Louisiana authors!

4.    Looking for Alaska by John Green—Hellooo! It’s John Green—Gimme gimme! 

5.  After: Nineteen Stories of Apocalypse and Dystopia—Apocalyse? Dystopian? Yes, please! Also, I really love reading short stories, because let’s face it sometimes giant novels just seem a little daunting.

6.    Harry Potter—Yes, I already have 2 copies of the first book (the British edition and the 10 year anniversary), but there’s a new edition with a new pretty cover.  The new books seem to sing to me with a sweet siren song, “Buy me, Read me, Love me”.  It’s almost more than a fangirl can take!

7.    Peterson Field Guides—I have the Reptile & Amphibian field guide, but would love some more: Animal Tracks, Mammals, Eastern Trees, Wildflowers, Mushrooms, and the list does on…

8.    Zombie in Love by Kelly DiPucchio—This is adorable! I love it!

9.    Mila 2.0—Looks interesting!

10.                       Legend  Series by Marie Lu—Action, adventure, fun! Looks right up my alley! Yes please.

Just remember Santa.  I’ve been a good little reader all year long.  I share my love of reading with my storytime kids, and suggesting books to teens, adults, and my family.  I get calls, texts, and facebook messages almost daily (on and off the clock) about what to read, and I am always willing to suggest a book.
                             Love, Clair
P.S. I might need a new bookshelf too fit these!

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