Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TTT:New to Me Authors of 2013

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Top Ten Tuesday: New to Me Authors of 2013

This year I was introduced to Emmy Laybourne by reading Monument 14, and the next day reading the sequel Sky on Fire.  I absolutely devoured these books, and read them so quickly I can't tell you were the first on stops and the second begins. 

Her books are very well-paced and never drag. If you like teen apocalypse books, I would highly suggest this one.

I read Swamplandia this year, by Karen Russell.  Let me just tell you, this book is weird-Weird-WEIRD, but weird is not a bad thing.  If you try and describe this book to someone who hasn't read it they may walk away thinking it is a paranormal ghost story, romance, or a story about a dysfunctional family.  Honestly, I can't think of an adequate genre to call this expect maybe contemporary magical realism--if that is a thing.  This book is strange, but intriguing; magical, but hauntingly real.  I admire Karen Russell for being able to paint such a beautiful story, and I plan on reading her other novels in the future.

Bob Staake is now one of my favorite illustrators now.  I read  a book he illustrated called We Planted a Tree.  It was so beautifully done, that I had to google him, and found out that not only does he illustrate books, but he also write some.  From there I read, Don't Squish the Sasquatch, Bluebird, and Hello Robots--I was hooked.  Bob Staake has such an amazing art style is a mod-retro look and I'm in love with it.  He's illustrated for The New YorkerHavard Business Review, Los Angelos Times, Cartoon Network, MTV, Kellogg's, Sony, and many, MANY others.  If you haven't experienced his work yet you need to run to the library and check-out some of his children's books!

By Bob Staake

I discovered Lauren Oliver when I listened to Delirium on Overdrive (free downloadable book and audiobook app available from the library).  I enjoyed the story enough to read the second.  It's just a run-of-the-mill YA trilogy--Book 1: Obedient girl meets boy, and beings to questions society.  Book 2: Girl rebels against society, social norms, and family.  I didn't read the 3rd book; I will assume that like many YA trilogies… Book 3: Girl changes society.
Joseph Delaney is the author of The Last Apprentice Series also known as the Wardstone Chronicles.  Even though these books gear towards middle grade and early high school aged, I love them!  They are full of witches, ghasts, curses, spooks, ghouls, and all sorts of creepy things.  If you like the spooky without any romance or bad language, I highly suggest Joseph Delaney’s books.

Anyone who read YA books knows John Green—he’s everywhere! He’s on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, you can’t miss him.  But somehow I did, I’d heard of him, but hadn’t read him until the beginning of 2013.  O-M-G! There’s a reason why everyone loves him… HE’S FANTASTIC!  So, you guys need to hurry up and jump on the John Green bandwagon before his movie, Fault in Our Stars come out.

I am not usually a romance reader—that’s a lie.  I enjoy reading about two or three a year.  Are the literary masterpieces? No.  Do they leave you with some new and value nugget of knowledge? Not really.  But they are fun and enjoyable, and I really enjoyed books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips that I read this year.  If you are looking for series romances Phillips is your gal!


  1. Veronica Roth is a brilliant writer. I read all of her books this year. I really need to read Maggie Stiefvater. Great list!

  2. I haven't heard of a lot of these authors and now I'm intrigued. I definitely need to get on the John Green bandwagon. The graphic novel you mention sounds particularly interesting! Thanks!