Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TTT: Top Ten Worlds I would NOT want to live in!

Top Ten Worlds I would NOT want to live in!

1.   The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
Okay, being a tribute would be terrible—I promise I’d be one of the first to die!  But even if you are a regular citizen, life is bad.  Each district is ruled by President Snow and the Peacekeeper out of fear not respect.  The citizens barely have enough food to stay alive.  If I had to pick I think District 10 would be the most bearable—they have cows!

2.  The Forest of Hands and Feet Trilogy by Carrie Ryan
No, no, no, no, NO! I would not, could not live in Mary’s world.  First she lives in a fenced in town ran by corrupted nuns—NO!  Did I mention the reason it’s fenced in is because of the hordes of the Unconsecrated (AKA zombies) on the outside on the gate—NO! Not just any zombies, but the zombies of her loved ones including her mom—NO!  Then she leaves the safety of her fenced in town to find the ocean… that’s so dangerous!  And that’s just in the first book; this world gets more dangerous as it continues.  Great series, but you wouldn’t catch me in that world.

3.  Article 5 by Kristin Simmons
Ember and her mom live in a scary world. Where the military is in charge of the country and women have lost their rights.  If a citizen breaks the law, there’s no fines or community service—its detainment or worse.  I would not want to ever live in this warped ultra-conservative junta.

4.   Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Proper British boys + being left on an island= pandemonium.  Through this book we see the evil, greed, and chaos that is hidden inside of each of us.  I would not want to live in Ralph’s world.  This book is so scary because it shows us how close we are to living in bedlam.

5.   Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne
I absolutely loved these books! It’s the apocalypse (due to crazy weather) and there are a bunch of teenagers stuck in a Safeway, but it’s definitely not a world I would want to live in. If the world is coming to an end… I don’t want to be there!

6.  The Road by Cormack McCarthy
This is the most hopeless, depressing book I’ve ever read.  This book is hauntingly depressing.  I would not make it in a world full of starvation, desperation, and evil.

7.  Last Survivors Series by Susan Beth Pfeffer
A meteor pushes the moon closer to earth and causes catastrophe.  The tides go crazy causing tsunamis which completely obliterate the coastal cities. Volcanoes erupt and pour ash and dust into the atmosphere which causes a permanent winter. This is not a world I would want to live in.

8.  War World Z by Max Brooks
Zombies?  Heck no!  I don’t want to live in that reality!

9.  Unwind Dystology by Neal Shusterman
The second American Civil War was fought over reproductive rights by the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice advocates; in the end a terrible compromise was made.  Life cannot be termination after conception, but a parent can make the decision to “unwind” their teenager. Unwind mean a teenagers is medically sacrificed and all of their organs are donated because in this world you not dead if you pieces are living somewhere. This is not a world I would want to live in; even though I’m too old to be unwound it should makes me sick that children are being unwound.

10.                   Diary of a Young Girl, Maus, Night, The Devil’s Arithmetic, and many other.
This is the most frightening of all the worlds I’ve mentioned thus far. It isn’t a fictitious world ruled by imagined tyrants, and it’s not a cautionary tale that creeps into your mind while you try to sleep.  It happened.  Evil people made decision to carry out these terrible events.  That is why it’s so important we learn about them, so that no one will ever have to live in a world like that again.


  1. Lord of the Flies is a great one that I haven't seen on any other list, good call!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. Thank you! It's one of those books that have always stuck with me. I read it 2007 and still think about how closes we are to being so evil.