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Top Ten Tuesday REWIND! Minor Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.  It brings book bloggers together each week as we share our top ten lists with each other.  This week is a little different; each blogger gets to pick a Top Ten List from a previous Tuesday. I chose...
My Top Ten Favorite Minor Characters

1.     Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus Series.  I met Leo Valdez in the Lost Hero—the first book of Heroes of Olympus, a Percy Jackson spin-off series.  I immediately feel in love with this character.  One reason why I like him is he is the first non-lame son of Hephaestus presented in the Percy Jackson universe.  Being that there is not one mechanic bone in my body, I think it is really cool how he just gets machines.  Like many other demigods he has had really hard childhood; he is practically and orphan.  He has dealt with loneliness all his life.  Camp Half-blood is a safe haven for him and he makes lots of friends there, but he is the only in the Prophecy of Seven that doesn’t have a significant other.  I think this makes him relatable to a lot of readers.  Everyone feels left out some things; Leo tries not to let it get him down and continues to do his job on the Argo II. Oh and did I Leo has fire power—WHAT’S COOLER THAN FIRE POWER? NOTHING! 

2.     Isaac from Fault in Our Stars. Isaac is the friend of Augustus Waters and later becomes friends with Hazel Grace.  The story of Gus and Hazel is so sweet, and full of unconditional love, that the readers may forget that there are also causalities with love... that is why Isaac is so important to the story.  Isaac is battling eye cancer, but other than that he is a happy go-lucky guy with a great girlfriend.  When Isaac finds out that he is going to loss he eyes, he still is a strong character that spends his last day of sight playing video games.  After his surgery his girlfriend, Monica, breaks up with him because it’s just too much for her to handle.  This is what breaks Isaac.  It crushes him being left by the one who was supposed to stand by him through thick and thin.  Gus and Hazel take over the role of comforter after Monica leaves, this shows the readers that not all love in unconditional, and that friends sometimes have to take on an extra burden for each other.

3.     Uriah from Divergent. Right from the start I decided that I loved Uriah, not in one of those “Oh, what a necessary character for the plot line” type of ways, in the “If I was in Dauntless, I would have a major crush on Uriah type of way”.  Uriah is as Dauntless as they come. His whole family is Dauntless-born and he has been raise to live an honorable, Dauntless life.  He never judged Tris for being Stiff, and he pushed her to take more risks.  Uriah and his brother Zeke show us that Dauntless families are full of love.  Later in Insurgent, Tris finds out that Uriah is also Divergent; this immediately makes them closer.  This is the first Divergent character that we see chose the faction he is born into.  Uriah is brave and loyal, not just to Dauntless, but for what’s right.  He is not without fault; the book hints that he has a problem with alcoholism.  Uriah is a trooper to the end and is the perfect example of what it means to be Dauntless.

4.     Nemesis from Land of the Silver AppleNemesis is a hobgoblin ruler; he is not the king, but more like the king's counterpart.  The hobgoblins are a funny species who keep referring to Jack, Pega, and Thorgil as Mudmen due to the fact that human’s started from Adam which God made from mud.  Nemesis’s job is to disagree with anything and everything King Bugaboo says.  He isn’t evil; it’s just his job.  Nemesis and the other hobgoblins are a funny part of the Jack’s world.

5.     Noah Czerny from The Raven BoysNoah is a quiet boy that attends Aglionby Academy with Gansey, Adam, and Ronin.  He’s quietness often allows the other boys to forget he’s even around.  He is kind and loving, and there’s a mystery about him… but you have to read the book to find out his secret. 

6.     Mrs. Miller from Sprout.  Mrs. Miller is an odd character.  I’m not exactly sure who I feel about her. She is an English teacher at Sprout’s school, and has been encouraging him to become a better writer.  Her goal is to have him enter into a state wide essay writing contest.  She tutors him over the summer and aids him with his writing.  One funny thing about Mrs. Miller is she always gives him an opportunity to spike his drinks, though he never takes her up on that offer.

7.     Great-aunt Elinor from Inkworld.  Aunt Eleanor is a crotchety old woman, who loves her books.  She despises children, except Meggie. At first she is hard to like, but soon becomes a beloved part of the Inkworld series.  She loves her book collection more than anything in the world, except Meggie... eventually.

8.     Ximena from Girl of Fire and Thorns.  Ximena is Elisa’s nurse; she has been with Princess Elisa since birth.  As the story progresses when we realize that Ximena  is more than a mere nurse.  She kills an assassin with a mere bobby pin when he realizes that Elisa is the bearer of the Godstone.  Elisa, as well as the readers, know that there is some more to Ximena, but she is shrouded in mystery.

9.     Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter Series. People may joke about how the guy that plays Neville went from dweeb to total hottie in the course of eight movies, and it’s true, but it’s really kind of awesome how that worked out.  Neville does the same thing during his seven years at Hogwarts.  He is transformed from that tattle-tale dork with a frog to a brave Gryffindor leader.  Harry Potter is the Boy that Lived, but Neville Longbottom is the boys of Possibility.  In some since he will always be a runner up to Harry.  He was born a day before Harry and so his birth was out shone by Harry's birth.  His parents were tortured, but Harry's were killed.  He had a bad home life living with his Gran, but Harry's was worse being raised by neglectful muggles.  He even lost his first crush--Ginny-- to Harry.  These are not the reason why he is my favorite. I like Neville because even though he wasn’t the spotlight he did everything out of kindness and passion. He loves biology or at least herbology (and my background is in biology) and he knew that being a herbologist was one of his dreams.  It’s important for the readers to see a character that has a plan like theirs.  We can’t be aurors or wizard masters, but we can be teachers.  I think of all the characters he grew the most; Harry was always brave and Hermione always smart, but Neville had to earn his stripe so to speak.


10. Jason from RulesJason nonverbal, paraplegic boy that Catherine meet while taking her brother to therapy.   She communicates with him through a book with pictures and words inside.  As they become close she adds words to his book. Through Jason, we learned that kindness is more important that popularity, and to accept through different from us.

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