Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TTT: Book That Will Make You Swoon

In honor of Valentine's Day this week's Top Ten Tuesday is

Top Ten Book That Will Make You Swoon

 Augustus Waters, no one is as swoon-worthy as Gus!  Even though he has a lot of baggage, he is a good friend to Issac and so sweet to Hazel.  If you've read the good you know how selfless and supportive he is. 
If you want a swoon-worthy book grab you tissues and check-out The Fault in Our Stars.

In world where love is an illegal disease you think that there wouldn't be any swoon-worthy character...you would definitely be wrong.  Alex Sheathes is fantastic.  He opens Lena up to a new a beautiful world where love is the center of everything.  If you like YA dystopians, Delirium is the book for you.

Chase Jennings may seem like a flake at first, but I really grew to like him.  He will do anything for Ember, even going AWOL and sneaking around the country illegally.  If your looking for a man to protect you as you look for saftey through an ultraconservative military-based government--Chase is your man!

Ooh, I am just swooning thinking about Four.  He is probably the most swoon-worthy guy I've read about in a long, long time.  He is definitely in Dauntless for a reason!  Not only is he brave, he is also super sensitive and sweet.  Once you get passed his tattooed Dauntless exterior, you will fall in love with his kind supportive side.
Okay, so Robbie isn't necessarily swoon-worthy, but to Georgia he is. And, Georgia has such a fantastic voice--absolutely hilarious--that she can make  you believe the nerdiest guy is actually your soulmate.  So, maybe it's Georgia that is swoon-worthy.  Either way, the sequel to Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging will have you laughing until you cry.
After Naomi has a terrible accident and suffers from amnesia, she is able to get a second chance on being the person she wants to be.  She trades in her uber-macho, jock boyfriend for the sweet, artist Will Landsman. And what fine choice that is!  Will may not be the big man on campus like Ace, but he genuinely love Naomi and only has her best interest at love. Sorry, Naomi that it took a bad accident to see that Will was fantastic, but it was worth it, wasn't it?
Former It-Girl, Annabel, finds herself alone at school and home until she meets the dark, brooding hottie, Owen Armstrong.  Everyone has heard rumors of Owen's past and knows he is trouble with a capital "T".  Annabel finds that Owen, maybe just the guy she needs, he's always got the perfect song for her.  Annabel! You go, girl! Owen is the exact type of guy I would have fallen for!
Let me just be honest, I am and will always be 100% Team Jacob.  Regardless of what Stephanie Meyer or any one else says.  I think Jacob Black is swoon-worthy.  There is more than just sexual attraction in place.  He is funny and exciting; he's a good friend to her and he...very importantly... HE HAS A PULSE.  A good guy wouldn't make you change for him--especially not you species.  Jacob wins, hands down--hater's can hate.
David Strorm is the perfect friend for Tally Youngblood during such a transitional period of her life--moving from being an Ugly (under sixteen) to being a Pretty, and a real member of society--something all the citizens wait eagerly for. Girls who like post-apocalyptic, mass technolgy, dystopian novel... David is your man!  Well, until you meet the new swoon-worth guy in Pretties--he's dizzy-making.

The most epic night of Norah's life begins when Nick O'Leary asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for five minutes.  This is the beginning of a night long adventure through New York City.  Nick, is not the classic swoon-worthy guy, he's not quite cool enough to be.  I think that's what make he so desirable--he seems so real.  This book will make the readers yearn for just one night in NYC like Nick and Norah's


  1. Great list! I've been meaning to read Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist for so long now (I liked the movie though)...

    My TTT

    1. Both, the book and the movie are really good. There are some differences, but I love both. (I don't say that about many movie adaptations.)