Monday, April 21, 2014

Short Story Summary & Review: Jake and the Other Girl by Emmy Laybourne

Series: Monument 14; Story #1.5
Author: Emmy Laybourne
ebook, 32 pages
Published June 26th 2013 by Tor Books


Did you love Monument 14 and the Sky of Fire? Are you itching to read the third book, Savage Drift, this spring?  Then why don’t you read the short story companions to this series.

Summary: After being stuck in a Safeway with thirteen other students, Jake Simonsen treks outside to figure out if the hospital is still open.  He sees a wall full of photographs, flyers, and notes from people searching for their loved ones.  As he reads a few of the notes he finds one from Lindsey Morrow, a girl who Jake had a secret fling with.  He tells the others at the Safeway that everything is too much for him to handle, and goes in search of Lindsey.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, guys,” he told them.
He started ripping off the wires from the front of his jacket.
“I’m not . . . I’m not coming back. I can’t do it anymore. Tell Astrid I’m sorry”

Jake Simonsen begins heading toward Lindsey’s house.  He leaves the (relative) safety of the Safeway, and the familiarity of it in search for a girl that he may or may not have.  I think this shows that even though Jake is a macho jerk that he still has feelings, and he still cares about people.

When he finally makes it to Lindsey house, he finds out that she is in a hellish situation.  Lindsey is protecting and caring for her type-O dad who is hiding in the closet. At any moment he could snap and kill her, but she is unwilling to leave him even though he and Jake try to convince her otherwise.  Even though her dad killed their neighbors and almost killed Lindsey, Lindsey still feels loyal to him.

After spending some times with Lindsey, Jake realizes that he has lost the rest of his Obezine pills, which he has recently become addicted to.  Jake tries to leave to find it, but Lindsey convinces him to stay the night. This shows how ridiculously addicted Jake is, he is willing to risk his life, and the comfort of a girl he like for pills.  In the morning with Jake when Jake tries to live, he and Lindsey get into a heart-wrenching fight and Lindsey’s dad realizes that Jake is in the basement.  Instead of being angry, Mr. Morrow is relieved that Lindsey will now have a companion to look for safety with.  Lindsey refuses to go, even though there is no chance of long-term survival in her basement.  Finally, Jake decides to leaves the basement to look for his family, but he leaves Lindsey the gun.

Review.  I think this short story is important to the Monument 14 series.  It shows that even the stereotypical jock has a heart.  It gives Jake’s character a little more depth. I think that it’s great that Emmy Laybourne allows the readers to see inside someone’s, other than Dean’s, thought.  It also allows the readers a glimpse at what the rest of the town’s experience is like.

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