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Short Story Summary & Review: Dress Your Marines in White by Emmy Laybourne


ebook, 32 pages
Published May 22th 2012 by Tor Books

Ifyou are like me and do not own an e-reader device, fear not! Tor BooksPublishers have posted this short story on their website.  Just click here!

Did you love Monument 14 and the Sky of Fire? Are you itching to read the third book, Savage Drift, this spring?  Then why don’t you read the short story companions to this series.

Summary:  This story starts out with Dr. James Cutlass, Brayden’s father, at his desk trying to type out an official report about the MORS Test, that he and his colleagues set-up.  The story is kind of like a flash back because Dr. Cutlass is remembering the horrific past, but is typing it up in present time.  The author lets you know what Dr. Cutlass is really feeling and thinking, what actually occurred during the experiment, and also what he types out for the official documentation of the experiment.

Dr. Cutlass works for Drs. Massey and Savic; they are studying the effects of MORS, a Class One biological-warfare compound.  The researchers have just got to the point where they are now going to test the compound on people opposed to other lesser primates.   They use volunteer Marines to test out the compound.  The volunteered Marines have each committed an infraction and are from the garrison at Fort Leavenworth; their participation pardons them for their wrong doing.

Dr. Massey has decided instead of placing each Marine in a separate testing area; they will be placed in the same one.  The test subjects will be restrained, and there is an antidote that will be sprayed onto the test subjects at the end of the testing period.  The researcher have performed many safety check, but this still something goes wrong.

Review.  Wow, this was a tough read—it was very brutal.  I love how you can feel the remorse and pain that Dr. Cutlass feels.  This story is very good and gives a background to not only the creation of the MORS compound, but also to Brayden’s home life.  I feel like this story is best read after reading the first book Monument 14, so that an air of mystery about the MORS isn’t stolen from the book. 

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