Sunday, June 01, 2014

Summer Reading Programs: June 2nd-7th Programs

Monday, June 2nd
          Anna Meyer—Pirates of the Caribbean 2 @ 2pm
          West Monroe—DIY Lava Lamp and Dante’s Peak @ 1pm

Tuesday, June 3rd      
Anna Meyer—Wii Night @3pm
MainThe Fault in Our Stars Book Discussion @ 2pm
Ollie Burns—SciQuest: Color Burst Milk @2:30pm
Searcy—DIY Temporary Lava Lamps @3:30pm
Sterlington—SRP Kick-Off Cookout from 11-1pm
West Ouachita--Thing in a Jar @4pm 
(Please pre-register this program by calling 327-5414 and asking for Megan)

Wednesday, June 4th
          Louise Williams—YA Teen Scene SRP Kick-Off @2pm
          West Monroe—Teen Thing: Wii Games @3pm

Thursday, June 5th
          Anna Meyer—Frankenstien Journals @4pm
          Carver-McDonald—DIY Lava Lamps @1pm
          Ollie Burns—Ice Tunnels Science Experiment @2:30pm
          Ouachita Valley—Paracord Bracelets & Key chains @3pm
          Sterlington—Rainbow in a Jar and Lemon Eruptions @5:30pm

Friday, June 6th
          Searcy—Fire Department Visit/Movie @2pm

Saturday, June 7th
          MainDr. Horrible Sing-a-Long Blog and Science Experiments @2pm
          Ollie Burns—Homemade Ice-cream @ 1pm

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