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Book Review: Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza

Hardcover, 470 pages
Published March 12th 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books

Mila 2.0 Discussion
Title: Mila 2.0
Series: Mila 2.0 #1
Author: Debra Driza
Hardcover, 470 pages
Published March 12th 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books
If you like your YA novels to be full of androids, government conspiracies, and running from the law, then this book is perfect for you.  It’s a fast paced sci-fi, not the aliens and outer space type, more of the advance government technologies and sentient robot style.

If you enjoyed watching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse or are a fan of non-space, android sci-fi’s in general, you should try Mila 2.0.

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Mila is just a normal girl trying to fit in at her new school in a tiny town in Minnesota.  She and her mother moved from Philadelphia after her father’s death in a house fire.  Mila has been told that she was also in the house during the fire, but she has been suffering from memory loss and impaired memories since the incident.

Things are starting to get better for Mila; she has a new friend, Kayleigh and a crush on the new guy Hunter.  Kayleigh and Mila are in a not-so-friendly girl competition for Hunter’s attention. One day Kayleigh makes Mila seat in the back of her pick-up so that Hunter can sit in the cab.  Mila is flung out the back of the trunk and her arm is ripped open.  Instead of exposing a broken bone, flesh, and blood Mila’s arm is full of metal and a silver fluid.  Shocked and confused Mila returns home and questions her mom.  Mila is horrified to find out that she is not a 16 year old Philadelphia-native, but actually a stolen top-secret government android. 

Mila’s life is now out of control! She’s mad at her mother for lying to her, and she’s confused by her memories and her origin.  If that’s not bad enough now Mila and mother are on the run from the government.  They must flee the United States.

·      I like how even though Mila is mad at her mom is still considers her as her parent.  Their relationship is complicated, but sweet.
·      I love the pacing of this book.  I needed to read something fast paced.
·      I like how even though Mila has a crush on Hunter; she and her mom are the heroes on the story not a boy.
·      Mila’s friendship with Hunter is based off of nothing.  It makes Mila seem needy and desperate.
·      Kayleigh… ughhh! I can’t stand her.
·      Mila is SO clueless.  Even though her memories are artificial her mom DOES have a past.  It’s so obvious with how special her mom considers her necklace, and how she calls Mila the wrong name once.  Obviously her mom had a child in the past!  Duh, Mila!

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