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Book Review: Monument 14: Savage Drift by Emmy Laybourne

18215086Monument 14Savage Drift Review
Title: Monument 14: Savage Drift
Series: Monument 14; Book #3
Author: Emmy Laybourne
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published May 6th 2014 by Feiwel & Friends

If you enjoyed the TV series Jericho or the book Life as We Knew It (Book #1 Last Survivors Series) by Susan Beth Pfeffer, then this book would be a good match you.  I think it is equally appealing for male or female readers.

In the first book, Dean was the only narrator, and in the second the chapters alternated between Dean and his brother, Alex.  In this book the narrators are Dean and Josie. 

Dean and the rest of the gang are living comfortably in a refugee camp in Quilchena, Canada until Astrid hears rumors that the government is performing experimental procedures on pregnant women against their will. So, Dean, Astrid, and Jake flee the presumed safety of the refugee camp in search of Niko’s uncle’s farm—a place they have imagined to be a paradise in times of the apocalypse.  Niko is also with them on the journey, but he is in search of Josie. Niko has discovered that Josie is living in a dangerous prison camp full of people with type O blood.

I really enjoyed the conclusion of the Monument 14 series; each book is well written, full of tension, and filled with very realistic characters.   They are similar enough to allow the series to flow, but different enough to keep the reader interested.

I’m only including some of my dislikes and likes for this book, because I don’t want to spoil too much. 

·      I really enjoy seeing this world through a girl’s point of view, and was really, REALLY glad the girl was Astrid.
·      Mario Scietto.  I love him!  He’s the sweet grandpa-ish type that this book needs.  This is one of those YA books that needs a non-teenager in it, and that’s Mario!
·      I think Josie’s feelings about “Mario’s kids” seem very real.  You can tell she loves them even though she doesn’t want to get attached.
·      Astrid short pregnancy seemed a bit stupid; it felt like something out of an old-fashioned alien Sci-Fi movie.
·      Astrid.  I really dislike her.  She’s unfair to both of the guys that like her.  Dean could do much better!
·      Also, Dean’s infatuation with Astrid.  I feel like at some point he would realize that she is a self-absorbed jerk, but he has yet to.

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