Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reader’s Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday!
Top Ten Reader’s Confessions

1. I always judge a book by its cover—and also the title and the author’s name.

2. I hate the classics. I don’t feel like the age of the books should make me want to read it more. 

3. I’ve never read any Jane Austen, and I don’t plan to.
4. Last year when I went to the Louisiana Book Festival, I got to hear a bunch of amazing authors speak about their books… I had never read anything by any of those authors. 

5. I am irked by middle aged women who read YA books, and talk about the books being too immature for them. 
6. I haven’t read completed any JRR Tolkien book.

7. I write in my books.  But only if they are mine, never the library’s copy.

8. Even though I spend 40 hours a week in the library, my books are often late getting turned in.
9. I’ve dropped more than one book in the tub.
10.            I’m bad about leaving open books face down on my counter top or desk at home. 


  1. I hate hearing adults complain about YA AFTER they've read it, especially when they continue to read the genre. Don't read what you don't like. Read what you do. It sounds like such a simple concept!

    I'm an adult who loves YA. I'm not immature, perhaps my tastes are, though. I play Pokemon and have crap taste in music. Still shameless. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I totally agree. My 50 year old aunt posted on facebook the other day that she hated The Fault in Our Stars because it seemed like it was written for sixteen year olds.... um hello!!! It was!

      My mom, (age 48), my sister (21), and I (23) all love YA books. But if they seem immature I just put it down and look for something else to read.

      I've always thought adults complaining about YA fiction is like a 14 watching Sesame Street and getting upset that they didn't learn anything.

  2. I definitely just a book by it's cover too. But I'm guilty of not liking my YA to be "too immature." I happen to love Jane Austen's books, but I definitely agree that how old a book is shouldn't be the reason why you read it. Nice confessions.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    1. Thanks for your input. I just feel like YA is writing for teens, so it makes since they are on a teens level!

  3. I am right there with you on number 3. I have never nor do I have any interest in ever reading Jane Austen. I am so afraid to read in the tub because of that reason! You are a brave reader. Haha. I love how honest your list is!

    1. Thank you! I would like to state that only paperbacks that I own go to the tub with me. And often times they were bought at a used bookstore.

  4. +JMJ+

    I'm more likely to be put off by books that are too young. But it's not an age-of-the-book thing as much as how long it takes me to warm up to stuff. I didn't finish the Twilight series until this year, for instance, and got started on Paranormalcy only this week.

    What I like about reading classics is that they've been around for so long and are so famous that I'm more likely to run into another reader who can have a discussion about them with me. It's lonely to love a book or to have my interest sparked by one of its themes and then to realise I have no one to share that with.

    1. That's a good point about classics, and I do read some. For example I love 1984, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, and any Shakespearean tragedy. But I'm only going to read a classic if that genre applies to me. I like dystopians so I read 1984, I don't like sappy romances so I won't read Jane Austen. The appeal for me needs to be the book, not the age.