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Book Review: Enclave (Razorland #1) by Ann Aguirre

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Title: Enclave
Series: Razorland #1
Author: Ann Aguirre
Hardcover, 259 pages
Published April 12th 2011 by Feiwel & Friends
Fans of Eve by Anna Carey, 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, or Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch will enjoy this book.  Actually, any YA reader who likes dirty (as in dirt, not sexual), dark dystopian-post apocalyptic zombie books should try out this series.
On Deuce’s 15th birthday she is now a full member of the Enclave and no long a brat.  Her new role in the enclave will be Huntress.  She is a part of a group of people who must protect and feed the others. Everything is going as Deuce planned, until she finds out that her hunting partner is Fade, an odd guy who was not originally from the enclave.  Slowly Deuce realizes that the enclave life isn’t as perfect as her thought and maybe the elders don’t have the citizen’s best interest at heart.

I enjoyed this book a lot.  It made me want to wash my hand, because the characters were always muddy, sooty, or bloody.

·      I like how Deuce’s and Fade’s friendship is not automatic.  It takes a while, and it isn’t perfect.
·      I love, love, love that there is not love triangle.  I am so sick of YA love triangles.  I thought for a minute there might be one, but the author surprised me—thank you Ann Aguirre!
·      I think it is admirable that as Deuce grows as a person she appreciates the other jobs more.  At first Duece sees being a Breeder as a sign of weakness, but then she realizes there are different types of strengths.
·      I don’t like their naming system.  It seems odd that they would just be numbers also when do the number start over, every couple of years or what?
·      The College Enclave seems too heartless.  I feel like they would cared more about whether Nassau Enclave is doing well if for no reason other than they are trade partners.
·      There is neither climax at the end of the book nor cliffhanger.  I feel like Aguirre was thinking, “Well, let’s just stop here and call the next chapter a sequel.” I feel like the book should have ended a couple chapters before it did.

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