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Book Review: The Eleventh Plague

10369932The Eleventh Plague Discussion
Title: The Eleventh Plague
Author: Jeff Hirsch
Hardcover, 278 pages
Published September 1st 2011 by Scholastic Press
Readers of apocalypse, disaster, pestilence, and postapocalypse books, if you are looking for a stand-alone post-disaster book you should try this one!

The Eleventh Plague takes place after a world-wide flu epidemic that has left the United States without government or any real civilization.  This story starts out with Stephen and his father burying his grandfather.  Stephen knows that things will be different now that the patriarch of their trio is gone.  Stephen’s father wants to give up the life of being salvagers and traveling from Canada to Florida year after year, however; Stephen wants to continue the nomadic life.  After a terrible accident that leaves Stephen’s father in a coma Stephen meets a group of men who live in a small town nearby.  They rescue Stephen and his dad.  Stephen must learn to contribute and fit in while he waits for his father to emerge from the coma.

I really enjoy reading a post-disaster book that wasn’t a part of a series or trilogy.   I also enjoyed that the protagonist was a guy and not a lovesick teenager girl.

·      I really enjoyed how slowly throughout the book little pieces of Stephen’s past were told.  You slowly get to learn about his abusive grandfather and compassionate mother.
·      I loves how accepting and loving Violet and her family are to Stephen.  She just steps in and acts as the mother figure that Stephen needs.  
·      I really enjoyed the school teacher.   You can tell he loves his job and believes that education is vital for a rich and successful life.
·      I hated Jenny.  She was obnoxious and obvious trouble.  I wanted to tell Stephen, “Stay away from her; she’s bad news.”
·      I’m going to be honest I thought the end was a little cheesy, but I don’t want to spoil it.  So, if you read it comment and let me know what you thought of the ending.

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