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Book Review: Prom by LHA

Prom Discussion
Title: Prom
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Hardcover, 215 pages
Published February 2nd 2006 by Turtleback Books
This book would be good for fans of realistic chick lit, but are not looking for a romance novel.

Ashley is a worker class girl who is just trying to get through her senior year so that she can move out of her parents house and into an apartment with her boyfriend.   Ashley has no interest in senior prom, but when the math teacher gets arrested for stealing the prom money Ashley, must do her duty and help her best friend, Natalia throw a prom together.

This book was my beach bag book for a weekend beach trip I went on this summer.  I bought Prom years ago when I was on a Laurie Halse Anderson kick.  This is not a normal LHA book full of tough issues like teen pregnancy, eating disorders, and sexual assault.    It was a lot lighter then all of that.  I enjoy it fine, but wasn’t impressed with it.

·      I love Natalia’s grandmother; she’s the best thing about this book.  She only speaks Russian, has been caught swimming in a Baptistery, and likes eating ravioli straight from the can.  She’s very coo-coo, but she’s also really fun.
·       I like Ashley’s family even if she doesn’t.  They are kind and loving even though they are loud, annoying, and always in her business.  They mean well.
·      I think it is absolutely hilarious that Ash works at Chuck E. Cheese  Romping Rat Pizza Parlor.
·      TJ is just such a bum.  I hate how her dad encourages their relationship.  That would never be the case in real life.
·      HLA keep mentioning friend after friend after friend of Ashley’s, but only Natalia ever had a developed personality.  It seems like just a good way to take up space on a page.
·      A math teacher stole the prom money—What?!  On what planet would someone give up their job, retirement plan, and insurance for prom money?
·      I felt like all the teachers and principals at the school were stupid and unrealistic especially, the substitute math teacher.  I think he was supposed to be cool, but really he would have never gotten away with being that lazy.

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