Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Waiting on Wednesdays... Where You End

Paperback, 312 pages
Expected publication: June 8th 2015 by Flux
Where You End by Anna Pellicioli
 To be released on June 8th!
Miriam Feldman was always attracted to the artists, the musicians, the boys who wore broken-down cardigans. Boys like Elliot. Their relationship was intense, passionate, all consuming. When they were together, Miriam knew who she was, in the way you can only know when you're deeply in love. But then it ended, and Miriam had to move on. Even after Elliot started seeing someone else. Even after she impulsively destroyed a priceless work of art. Even after she was blackmailed by the mystery girl who saw her do it. After all this, Miriam had to go on with her life. If only she knew how.

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