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by Anna Banks

Fiction. A chance meeting leads to unexpected consequences for two Florida teens in this moving, realistic story. While Carly is responsible and devoted to her family (especially her parents, who've been deported to Mexico), Arden is reckless and loves causing trouble for his overbearing, racist father (who happens to be the sheriff). After a dramatic encounter outside a convenience store, Carly reluctantly becomes Arden's pranking partner, and they strike up a fragile relationship -- one that might be too fragile to withstand the harsh truth about Arden's dad's anti-immigrant activities. For another "relevant, risky, and romantic" (School Library Journal) read, try Marie Marquardt's Dream Things True, due out next month.
Emmy & Oliver
by Robin Benway

Fiction. Born on the same day, best friends Emmy and Oliver were inseparable -- until second grade, when Oliver was kidnapped by his father. Even after his disappearance, Oliver's influence shaped Emmy's life: her parents reacted by becoming anxious and overprotective. Now, ten years later, as high school senior Emmy sees freedom within her reach, Oliver suddenly returns home. Similar to Sara Zarr's Sweethearts (but more romantic), Emmy & Oliver is a gripping look at reunited friends facing the emotional scars of the past and figuring out what they want from the future.
The Devil You Know
by Trish Doller

Suspense. Cadie barely knows Matt and Noah, but when the cousins invite her along on their road trip, she jumps at the chance for a break from her stressful family life. At first, Cadie's passionate fling with sexy, troubled Noah distracts her from the red flags. But eventually, the hints of past violence pile up, and Cadie can't deny her suspicions that one of the guys is a killer -- and that if she continues on their journey into the wild Florida Everglades, she might not make it out alive. Perfectly paced to build maximum terror, this steamy thriller delivers a "swift and satisfying" (School Library Journalconclusion.
by Daniel José Older

Urban Fantasy. When a local mural mysteriously begins to weep, Brooklyn teen Sierra Santiago is unsettled, but it's not until she's attacked by a walking corpse that she really gets scared -- and curious. Though her abuelo Lázaro seems to have some answers, a stroke has left him unable to communicate anything except cryptic messages about "shadowshapers." Stalked by a merciless enemy, Sierra will have to uncover the truth -- and tap into the spirit powers of her Caribbean ancestors -- in order to protect everyone she loves. Filled with intriguing magic, authentic dialogue, and a realistically multi-ethnic cast of characters, Shadowshaper is a must-read for fantasy fans.
More Happy Than Not
by Adam Silvera

Science Fiction. If you could erase your worst memories, would you do it? In Aaron Soto's near-future Bronx neighborhood, the Leteo Institute offers to do precisely that in their "cutting-edge memory-relief" procedure. Though Aaron certainly has awful memories (such as his father's bloody suicide), he's also got the support of his family, friends, and girlfriend. But would that support disappear if they knew about his attraction to Thomas, a fellow fantasy geek from a neighboring housing project? Would it be better to just forget that he might be gay? If you like wrestling with the complex issues surrounding identity, memory, and the cost of happiness, don't miss this gritty and provocative debut.
Summer Love
One Man Guy
by Michael Barakiva

Romance. Summer school is a far cry from the tennis camp that 14-year-old Alek hoped to attend, but his straitlaced Armenian parents insist that he bring his grades up. As it turns out, though, summer school distracts Alek even further from studying, because it's there that he meets Ethan, an impossibly cool skater who shows Alek a world outside of his stifling New Jersey community...and wins his heart.  If you like the funny, earnest tone and distinct cultural backdrop of this coming of age (and coming out) story, you might also enjoy Sara Farizan's Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel.
Fifteenth Summer
by Michelle Dalton

Romance. This year's summer vacation is bittersweet for 15-year-old Chelsea and her family; it's their first visit to the cottage on Lake Michigan since Chelsea's grandmother died. Still grappling with her grief, Chelsea is surprised and elated by her quickly blossoming relationship with Josh, the cute guy who works at the local bookstore. Yet as their connection deepens into love, Chelsea can't help but wonder what will happen when the summer ends. Just like the other books in author Michelle Dalton's Sixteenth Summer series, this charming and sensitive romance is a sure bet for fans of Deb Caletti and Sarah Dessen.
What I Thought Was True
by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Romance. As far as Gwen Castle is concerned, Cassidy Summers is just one of many regrettable one-night stands. Since he's a wealthy mainlander and she's from a complicated, working-class island family, she never expects to spend time with him again. So when Cass turns up on the island with a summer job as a lawn boy, Gwen is annoyed. However, as she gets to know (maybe even love?) Cass, Gwen is forced to re-examine her assumptions, not only about Cass, but also about her family and herself. Want another sweet yet substantial tale of love across class boundaries? Pick up Kasie West's The Distance Between Us.
Nantucket Blue
by Leila Howland

Fiction. Seventeen-year-old Cricket's sunny summer on Nantucket is not going as planned. Her invitation to stay with BFF Jules' family is withdrawn after the sudden death of Jules' mother, forcing Cricket to take a job as chambermaid at an inn. Cricket tries to support her friend, but the grieving Jules freezes her out, even as things start to heat up between Cricket and Zack, Jules' brother. If you like well-developed characters and sweet-but-not-cutesy love stories, don't miss this "lush and moving" (Publishers Weekly) debut and its sequel, Nantucket Red.
Open Road Summer
by Emery Lord

Romance. To distract themselves from their recent painful break-ups, reformed "bad girl" Reagan and her best friend Lilah Dee (a rising country music star) hit the road for Dee's summer concert tour. Complicating their plans for a drama-free trip is Matt, the sweet boy-band refugee who's been hired as Dee's opening act…and her fake boyfriend. Dee's publicists think Matt might improve her image, but it's Reagan who's drawn to him, despite her fear of trusting another guy. Readers who relish road trip stories should definitely check out this "insightful take on friendship, romance, and celebrity culture" (Booklist).

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